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Thyroid Disease Specialist

Elk Medical

Saka Kazeem, MD

Endocrinology located in Brooklyn, NY

Your thyroid plays an essential role in regulating metabolism, body temperature, and your overall mood. Thyroid disease can cause you to gain weight, lose sleep, and leave you feeling depressed and/or anxious. Saka Kazeem, MD, and his skilled team at Elk Medical have extensive experience diagnosing and treating a variety of thyroid diseases. Serving the community of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, in New York City, Elk Medical provides effective, evidence-based care for all types of thyroid disorders. To schedule a consultation, call the office today or make an appointment online.

Thyroid Disease Q & A

What does my thyroid gland do?

The small, butterfly-shaped thyroid gland sits between the base of your neck and your Adam’s apple. It secretes a group of thyroid hormones, which contribute to the growth and development of your body and brain and help regulate your metabolism and body temperature.

When your thyroid produces too much or not enough of specific thyroid hormones, thyroid disorders arise.

What are the symptoms of thyroid disease?

Thyroid symptoms depend on the type of thyroid disorder. Examples of thyroid diseases include: 


When your thyroid doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormones, you have a condition called hypothyroidism. Symptoms of hypothyroidism include:

  • Fatigue
  • Dry skin
  • Cold sensitivity
  • Weight gain

Cognitive issues like memory problems as well as depression are also associated with hypothyroidism.


An overactive thyroid that produces too much of the thyroid hormones leads to hyperthyroidism. Symptoms of hyperthyroidism include:

  • Weight loss
  • Restlessness
  • Increased heart rate
  • Bulging eyes

Irritability and anxiety are also associated with hyperthyroidism.

Thyroid nodules

Usually benign, thyroid nodules are growths that develop on your thyroid gland. Small nodules might not cause symptoms, but larger nodules can become visible under the skin of your neck and can cause symptoms like:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Weight loss
  • Tremors
  • Anxiety

Around 1% of women and 5% of men develop thyroid nodules.

Thyroid cancer

Several types of tumors can develop on the thyroid gland. Common symptoms include:

  • Neck or throat pain
  • Neck lumps
  • Problems swallowing
  • Recurring cough

Thyroid cancer is a rare but highly treatable type of cancer.

How is thyroid disease treated?

Effective thyroid treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis. After reviewing your medical history and doing a physical exam, Dr. Kazeem can choose to do advanced diagnostics like a biopsy of thyroid nodules or tumors. He can also order blood tests, ultrasound, and/or MRI imaging.

Once Dr. Kazeem has made a diagnosis, he designs a treatment plan based on your individual condition. Treatment options at Elk Medical include:

  • Hypothyroidism: hormone therapy
  • Hyperthyroidism: anti-thyroid medications
  • Thyroid nodule management: monitoring, radiofrequency ablation
  • Thyroid cancer management: anti-thyroid medications, hormone therapy

Treatments for severe thyroid conditions include radioactive iodine therapy, radiation therapy, and surgery. If you need to see a specialist for your thyroid disorder, Dr. Kazeem can recommend a qualified provider. He also works closely with your specialist to provide coordinated care throughout your thyroid treatment plan.

To learn more about thyroid disease, call Elk Medical or book an appointment online.